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EVT2105312 Workshop on harmonizing approaches in environmental radioactivity monitoring in ARASIA region (TC project RAS7036) which will take place in Vienna, Austria, from 23 to 27 May 2022

Scope and Nature
The regional workshop will include: 

a) Presentations by participants from Member States on the current status of national environmental radioactivity monitoring
programmes and identified gaps and needs in programme implementation; 

b) Presentations by international experts on experiences and lessons learned for consideration in monitoring; 

c) Discussion sessions on key technical and regulatory aspects of environmental monitoring of radiation to make use of
international guidance shared experiences; and 

d) Discussion sessions to identify priorities as input to regional and national monitoring strategies and programmes. Participants' Qualifications and Experience Nominated candidates should be technical staff from operating organizations, technical support organizations, regulatory bodies, decision-makers and others responsible for developing, planning and implementing monitoring programmes, or providing and interpreting monitoring data in relation to planned, existing or emergency exposure situations. The regional workshop will be conducted in English language. Thus, candidates should have sufficient English-language proficiency to be able to actively participate in the planned activities.


The workshop is open to maximum two (2) participants from ARASIA States Parties Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria,
United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Deadline for Nominations 

Nominations received after 4 March 2022 will not be considered. 

Date: 21 02 2022

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