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Project RAS1025 , Seminar on the Treatment Methods Applied to Sample Preparations for Carbon-14 Determinations which will take place virtually on 3 September 2020, between 1100 AM - 1230 PM (CET),

The session will include following subtopics:

• Radiocarbon dating (principles, basics, importance, age., QC)
• Sample contamination,
• Sample treatment methods (especially for bones and charcoals),
• Burial environment effects on sample preservation for radiocarbon dating,
• Characterization of collagen (bone samples suitable for dating,
   preservation of collagen-quality and quantity),
• Applied techniques to characterize collagen,
• A brief overview of data treatment.

Webex Meeting Information

Lecturer : Dr Sophie Cersoy, Associate Professor, MUSÉUM
NATIONAL D’HISTOIRE NATURELLE, Center for Research on Preservation (CRC)

Facilitator : Natko Skukan, IAEA.

Host : Abdulghani Shakhashiro, IAEA.

Meeting link :

Date: 30 08 2020

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