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ARASIA Working Group Meeting on Follow-up Actions to Support the Management and Sustainability of ARASIA,02-05 July 2019 Room B1144, VIC, Vienna

Purpose and Scope of the Meeting

- The recent substantial developments under ARASIA, including the adoption of the ARASIA Medium Term Strategy (MTS), the designation of ARASIA Resource Centres, the setting up of the ARASIA Program Committee and other achievements, have made it necessary to update the ARASIA Guidelines and Operating Rules (GORs). The Working Group will review the existing GORs and reflect any necessary and additional guidelines, modalities, operating rules and working procedures required for the implementation of the Agreement.

-  The effectiveness of the ARASIA Program in addressing the thematic priorities defined in the MTS depends to a great extent on the capacity of ARASIA States Parties to secure sufficient and predictable financial resources to implement cooperative project activities planned under each program biennium. Following the adoption of the Conceptual Paper on Resource Mobilisation and Partnerships during the ABR meeting held at the margin of GC61 in September 2017, the ARASIA Board of Representatives decided to give special attention to this topic. In this context, the Working Group will be assigned to reflect on the challenges and opportunities for developing financial partnerships and mobilising resources , discuss the external and internal factors (international, regional, national) that may influence resource mobilisation efforts in the framework of ARASIA, and propose a time-bound Plan of Action on how to mobilise additional financial resources to support the effective implementation of the ARASIA Program for the period 2020-2023.

Date: 02 07 2019

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