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RAS0084,Regional Meeting on Pre-Project Assistance and Project Design of ARASIA Proposed Concepts for 2020-2021,1 April 2019 ‒ 4 April 2019

The purpose of the event is to finalize the project designs for the ARASIA proposed concepts submitted to the IAEA for the TC cycle 2020-2021:
1. RAS2018033: Management and Protection of Urban Coastal Aquifers in ARASIA States Parties
2. RAS2018037: Enhancing the Productivity of Date Palms in ARASIA States Parties through the Development of Precision Irrigation Technologies and Management of Palm Borers
3. RAS2018038: Promoting Networking and Enhancing Cooperation Among ARASIA States Parties in Environmental Radiation Monitoring

Participants’ Qualifications and Experience

The designated national coordinators by ARASIA States Parties will present to the meeting the status of the ongoing efforts and the available infrastructure in their home countries in relation to their respective project (as listed above). The IAEA support team will review the provided information and provide technical advice on the way forward in order to identify future activities that can be implemented with a regional dimension and finalise the project document for the proposed concepts.

Deadline for Nominations
Nominations received after 28 January 2019 will not be considered.

Date: 08 01 2019

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