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RAS9090,Regional Training Course for First Responders to a Radiological Emergency, Greater Beirut, the Lebanese Republic, from 25 March 2019 to 29 March 2019

The purpose of the event is to provide training on the concepts and goals of emergency preparedness, with emphasis on the first response in the case of radiological or nuclear emergency. The course is intended to teach participants the major features of the planning and practical response by first responder organizations.

Scope and Nature

The training course consists of lectures, work sessions and exercises. By the end of the course, the participants will understand and be able to implement knowledge from the following topics:

  • Lessons learned from past radiological emergencies;Exposure pathways and protective actions;
  • Basic information on effects of radiation exposure;
  • Basic concepts of emergency preparedness and response (EPR), including EPR objectives;
  • Response organization (Incident Command Structure) and concept of operations;
  • Initial tasks to be performed by the lead first responder (incident commander);
  • Tasks of specific responders/teams (extended first response at the local level) to include law enforcement team, fire brigade, emergency medical service, public information officer, resource coordinator, first responder monitor, forensic evidence management team and national officials;
  • Assessment of radiological hazard and establishment of inner cordoned area;
  • Response personnel protection guidelines;
  • Public protection guidelines;
  • Public initial processing and registration;
  • Monitoring and decontamination of public and responders;
  • Monitoring and decontamination of vehicles and equipment;
  • Field triage for mass casualties event;Sample media and public statements for different scenarios of radiological emergencies;Role of the IAEA in enhancing preparedness of the Member States to respond to radiation emergencies.

Participants' Qualifications and Experience

Candidates should have sufficient practical experience in emergency preparedness and response at an emergency scene, to include first response to a radiological emergency (e.g., emergency services managers, fire brigade, law enforcement, and emergency medical service). The course is also open for representatives of (interim) regulatory authorities dealing with radiation safety and responsibilities in preparedness and response to radiation emergencies.

Deadline for Nominations

Nominations received after 20 January 2019 will not be considered.


Date: 12 12 2018

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