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RAS6089 Regional Workshop on Advanced Nuclear Medicine Techniques in Neurological Diseases Emphasis on Dementia and Seizure Imaging, Beirut, Lebanon, 29 October - 2 November 2018

The Objectives of this workshop are to:
Provide Participants with advance technology on the use of PET/CT (FDG and non-FDG) and SPECT/CT in neurological Diseases in adult and Paediatric patients, specifically in neurodegenernerative disorders and seizures.
Enable the participants towards clinical indications for each procedure and appropriate image interpretation through read with expert sessions. Emphasis will be given on the Nerology protocols under the IAEA Curricula for Nuclear Medicine Professionals (ICNMP).
Familiarize nuclear medicine physicians with current status of brain SPECT and PET imaging. The program focuses on established clinical applications  covering epilepsy, dementia and movement disorders.Brain tumours will party be covered.
Review and Update the current protocols on brain SPECT/Ct and PET/CT imaging focusing on dose Optimization and appropriateness criteria, including radiopharmaceutical an dimaging modality choice.
Reviewing sessions on image interpretations, applicationsand processing using neuroimaging standard processing tools (Neurostal, others) and visit to Seizure clinics.
Also, the following topics will be discussed:
* Radiopharmaceutical in brain imaging.
*Dementia, Parkinson's and other movement disorders.
*SPECT and PET in psychiatry.

Date: 14 06 2018

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