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  • Regional Workshop on the Implementation of the Integrated Management System in ARASIA State Parties, under the framework of TC Project RAS9083  ,Vienna from 26 to 30 August 2019




<August 2019>

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ARASIA Second Extension through 2020.  

ARASIA Working Group Meeting on Follow-up Actions to Support the Management and Sustainability of ARASIA,02-05 July 2019 Room B1144, VIC, Vienna

Purpose and Scope of the Meeting

- The recent substantial developments under ARASIA, including the adoption of the ARASIA Medium Term Strategy (MTS), the designation of ARASIA Resource Centres, the setting up of the ARASIA Program Committee and other achievements, have made it necessary to update the ARASIA Guidelines and Operating Rules (GORs). The Working Group will review the existing GORs and reflect any necessary and additional guidelines, modalities, operating rules and working procedures required for the implementation of the Agreement.

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ME-RAS0078-1806734 ARASIA Regional Worksop to ReviewUpdate Procedures and Strategy for Atmospheric Aerosol Sampling and Analyses, Vienna, Austria, from 13 May 2019 to 17 May 2019


The purpose of the event is to:

 Present, discuss and evaluate the data obtained from the analysis of the samples collected under the second sampling by the analytical laboratories and report on obstacles and challenges encountered,

  Report on the results of the proficiency test on elemental analysis conducted in 2018,

 Harmonize the procedures and strategy for the third atmospheric aerosol sampling and analyses,

 Review and update the workplan of the project for 2019-2020,

  Discuss development of success stories.

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RAS7032,Training Course on the Use of the Noble Gases in Hydrological Studies,Vienna International Centre, IAEA, Vienna ,17 June to 21 June 2019

The purpose of the course is to provide

a) knowledge on principles of groundwater dating by using noble gas isotopes

(b) a comprehensive hands-on training in the data handling and interpretation of noble gas isotope data from groundwater samples

c) training in sampling and data acquisition in the laboratory and in the field.

The training course will comprise lectures covering theoretical concepts on application of noble gas isotopes in environmental studies, followed by demonstrations and practical exercises/demonstrations on sampling, isotope measurement, as well as isotope data post-processing and data interpretation.


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ARASIA Board of Representative Meeting from 15-17 April 2019,Amman-Jordan


ARASIA Board of Representative Meeting  will be held from 15-17April 2019,Amman-Jordan to discuss and agree on strategic actions to enhance cooperation among ARASIA States Parties.

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TN-RAS9090-1807746 Regional Training Course on Train the Trainers for Medical Physicist Supporting the Medical Response to Radiation Emergencies, Seoul, Republic of Korea from 17 to 28 June 2019.


The purpose of the event is to provide the participants with a good understanding of the role of Medical Physicists in preparedness and response to a nuclear or a radiological emergency.

Scope and Nature

This workshop will consider 3 main aspects for the training, two of them will be integrated on a 10 days schedule, as follows:

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RAS0084,Regional Meeting on Pre-Project Assistance and Project Design of ARASIA Proposed Concepts for 2020-2021,1 April 2019 ‒ 4 April 2019

The purpose of the event is to finalize the project designs for the ARASIA proposed concepts submitted to the IAEA for the TC cycle 2020-2021:
1. RAS2018033: Management and Protection of Urban Coastal Aquifers in ARASIA States Parties
2. RAS2018037: Enhancing the Productivity of Date Palms in ARASIA States Parties through the Development of Precision Irrigation Technologies and Management of Palm Borers
3. RAS2018038: Promoting Networking and Enhancing Cooperation Among ARASIA States Parties in Environmental Radiation Monitoring .... Read More

RAS0084 Regional Meeting on Pre-Project Assistance and Project Design of ARASIA Proposed Concepts for 2020-2021, Vienna, Austria, from 11 March 2019 to 14 March 2019


The purpose ofthe event is to finalise the project designs for the ARASIA proposed concepts submitted to the IAEA for the TC cycle 2020-2021 :

l. RAS2018034: Establishment of Regional network of SSDL's calibration, quality management system and auditing

2. RAS2018035: The Role of Human Nutrition in the Prevention of Obesity and Related

Non-Communicable Diseases

3. RAS2018036: Enhancing the capabilities for radiocarbon dating in archaeological applications.

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RAS2020 Regional Training Course on Water Demand and Energy Supply Assessment using IAEA's models MAWD and MESSAGE, Vienna, Austria, from 1 April 2019 to 12 April 2019


The purpose of the event is to provide training on the use of IAEA's model MESSAGE to construct national energy and water supply scenarios to develop a harmonized regional picture. The training will build upon existing experience and previous activities in the region in the field of energy and water supply analyses. The training course will help participants to update and improve national data and modelling frameworks on energy and water systems in view of recent socio-economic and technological developments in the region. The training provided and models generated/updated will help in enhancing regional capacity in dealing with energy-water supply analysis and developing sustainable national/regional energy-water supply strategies.

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