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ARASIA Second Extension through 2020.  

Mid-term Progress Review Meeting, under the framework of TC Project RAS7032 postponed to 2019 until a considerable number of water samples is collected and analyzed, PMO will update CPs with new dates.

Mid-term Progress Review Meeting, under the framework of TC Project RAS7032 – Assessing Water Resources Pollution by Using Chemical and Environmental Isotope Techniques. .... Read More

Challenges and Opportunities for Crop Production in Dry and Saline Environments in ARASIA Member States

This publication serves as a referencing guide for Member States and interested specialized readers wishing to work on agriculture in dry and saline environment, in particular located in the Middle East region. All information and instructions given in this guide are based on successful and sound practices applied in pertaining Member States for sustainable cropping of salt affected soils. It will help scientists and farmers to select management alternatives most efficient for agriculture in saline environments within their own countries. The publication also focuses on the possible use of isotopes techniques in dealing with salinity and droughts conditions affecting crop production.
.... Read More

ARASIA Board of Representatives Meeting during the GC 62. Vienna, Austria, Tuesday 18th September 2018, from 10 30 h to 13 30 h in MOE3.

ARASIA Board  of Representative meeting will be held on the margin of the 62nd . The aim of ARASIA meeting is to discuss and agree on strategic actions to enhance cooperation among ARASIA States Parties.
.... Read More

TN-RAS9087-1803807 Training Course on Assessment of Internal Exposure due to Intake of Radionuclides with a Primary Focus on Sample Preparation and Analysis,Amman, Jordan from 2 to 13 December 2018.

The Purpose of the Event is to provide the competence needed to apply the methodologies and techniques used for direct (in Vivo) and indirect (in Vitro) measurements of internal exposure to radioactive material with a primary focus on sample preparation and analysis. .... Read More

ARASIA Technical Meeting, under the framework of TC Project RAS0084 – Leveraging Management for Increased Programme Efficiency and Effectiveness

The purpose of the event is to discuss issues and challenges as well as opportunities for cooperation in Nuclear Medicine in ARASIA State Parties.
Participants should be Nuclear Medicine physicians, preferably National Project Coordinators of ARASIA Nuclear Medicine Projects e.g. RAS6078 and RAS6089.
Deadline for nominations is 30 September 2018. 
.... Read More

Project Review Meeting, under the framework of TC Project RAS5080 -Greater Beirut, Lebanon 22-26 October 2018

The purpose of the meeting:
-Review the progress made in line with the work plan and specific objectives of the project.
-Report and review results.
-Share knowledge and experiences in the integrated soil,water and crop management.
.... Read More

RAS9083 Regional Workshop on Communication by Regulatory Body with Relevant National Stakeholders,Amman, Jordan, from 30 September to 4 October.

The purpose of the event is to assist the regulatory bodies of ARASIA Member State to establish communication and consultation mechanisms with interested parties in regard to the regulatory body decisions and activities. .... Read More

RAS9090 Regional workshop on sharing information of Early Warning System and Implementation of IRMIS for Communication of Monitoring Results, Vienna, Austria, from 27-31 August 2018

The purpose of the event is to assist IAEA Member State in ARASIA Region in enhancing their capabilities for protectin the public in the event of a nuclear or radiological emergency and the utilization of the intentional Radiation Monitoring Information System (IRMIS) for exchange of monitoring results during a nuclear or radiological emergency. .... Read More

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